Privacy policy

Anchor! strictly respects your privacy

Anchor! privacy policy v2 01/01/2021

No personal data is ever shared with nor sold to third parties.

We keep your personal data on your device except when you decide to share it. In the later case you decide what you share, when you share it and whom you share it with.

I. Default behavior

Personal data accessed by the app, including your current position, anchor's position, alarm shape and your position history (track) are stored locally on your device and used for the sole purpose of delivering drag alarms.

  • Your device's location is accessed both in foreground and background in order to continue the watch while the app is offscreen. To disable background location, raise the anchor (bottom right icon) and exit the app.

  • Your location history (track) is stored locally and never sent out of the device unless you explicitely export it. You may disable track recording any time.

No personal data is collected on our servers unless you activate remote mode or alert by message. (At the time of redaction of the current privacy policy, these function are available on IOS and under development for Android).

II. Mail attachments:

You might opt to send location or personal data as a mail attachment. On your request, the app will prepare the attachment and mail and open the share dialog (which will get you to mail app).

For example, when you send a mail to support some personal data collected by the app will be attached by default to help us resolve the issue.

Once in your mail app, you should have control on which attachments are sent (and you may delete the proposed and prepared attachments before sending a support mail).

III. Data collected on our servers :

Servers are located in Europe and collected data is protected under the and the european general data protection regulation (GPDR).

Personnal data collected is of 3 types:

(a) Location data is collected for the sole purpose of transferring it to receiving devices you authorized.

(b) Connexion data is collected for the sole purpose of enabling the service

(c) Logs are saved on our server logs for the sole purpose of maintaining our server

We never use collected data for any other purpose than mentionned above.

III.1 Alerts by message

Some versions of the app allows an alert by message.

No data is collected when alerts by message are disabled. The message icon is dashed on the top of the screen.

An undashed message icon is shown on the top of the screen when alert by message is enabled.

When you enable this type of alert, anchor will ask you which is the recipient of the message. If an alert is to be raised, the app will contact a server to send the alert message. The message (Connexion data) itself is kept on the server until the message is sent. The Logs (recipient, date and sending status) will be kept in server logs for one year.

Statistics are limited to quantitative statistics (number of message). No statistic is ever made on your personal data (recipient and location).

III.2 Remote mode

Some versions of the app includes a remote mode.

  • An undashed cloud icon with an up arrow is shown on the top of the screen when remote is enabled for sending and in that case Location data (see hereunder) is collected with the only purpose of making it available to receiving devices you authorized.

When you enable remote in sending mode, our servers will store your last position and your current alarm settings (position and shape), older positions are discared as soon as a new position is received and no later than one month.

These data are linked to a random device id generated at each app install. Retrieval of this data is possible only for remote device that : (1) have anchor installed (2) you invited - which means sharing the above mentionned random id by sending it to the receiving device with a dedicated file format (3) have the password you associated with the last position.

You might change the random device Id at any time by reinstalling the app.

You might change the password any time to prevent currently authorized devices to pull your position.

You might disable or enable the remote service anytime.

Statistics are limited to quantitative statistics (number of remote connexions). No statistic is ever made on your personal data (random device Id and location).

  • No data is collected when remote mode is disabled. The cloud icon is dashed on the top of the screen.

  • When remote mode is enabled for monitoring (receiving). The cloud icon on the top of the screen is undashed and presents a down arrow. Your device will pull remote locations periodically, connexion data will be transmitted.

In case of error Logs will be kept for up to one year.

No further data is collected.

Location data is never associated with your name on our servers.

IV. Changes to our privacy policy

We might change our privacy policy in the future. Any such change will be notified in app and your acceptance of updated privacy policy might be required to continue using the application. Any data collected in compliance with the current version of the privacy policy will still be governed by the current version.